Evaluations for ADHD

Specializing in Neurodiversity Affirming specific evaluations for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for children and adults

Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation is necessary to establish a diagnosis, rule out other causes, and determine the presence or absence of co-existing conditions.

Consequently, the Comprehensive Evaluation is sufficient for most needs while the Computer Screening is best used as additional information to aid in your prescriber’s diagnosis and treatment.  

We have intentionally chosen specific assessments for their neurodiversity affirming, non-pathologizing approach to understanding, assessing and describing ADHD and the the core executive functioning pieces that are often present. These standardized behavior rating scales from the client, their parents and caregivers, teachers, and other collateral sources further inform the evaluation. 

The QbCheck and other CPTs are not diagnostic – and not always necessary for diagnosis – but they can help give us a clearer picture of what someone’s ADHD symptoms might look like.

The objective data can be particularly helpful for assessing clients with more classically inattentive presentations that may often be missed as well as clients with co-occurring diagnoses such as anxiety and mood disorders. y

Occasionally, ADHD test-takers who are high camouflaging, high intelligence, or who are interested in the challenge and motivated by the urgency of the test are able to over-focus and appear neurotypical on the QbCheck.

The feedback appointment allows the opportunity for the test-taker’s experience of the objective test to be processed as additional data to inform the evaluation.

QbCheck allows you to complete the computer test in the comfort of your own space using a laptop or desktop computer with a camera. All of the other behavior rating scales and assessments are also sent to you electronically to complete.


Evaluation Policies
  • For Comprehensive Evaluations, your card on file will be charged $200 at the time the intake appointment is scheduled and the remainder will be charged 1 hour before the scheduled appointment
  • For ADHD Screenings, the card on file will be charged the full amount when the computer screening is scheduled 
  • No refunds will be given for deposits, late-cancellations within 24 hours or no shows for intake appointment
  • Arriving late to the intake appointment may require additional time to be scheduled to complete the intake which will be billed at the current therapy intake rate.
  • Complex evaluations requiring additional time will be billed at $185/hour

Vann Counseling & Consulting is not in-network with any insurance and all clients are self-pay. Additionally, insurance does not typically cover most evaluations for ADHD.

We are happy to provide a superbill for you to attempt insurance reimbursement.

Can the evaluation be used for accommodations for school, work, or for high stakes testing?

The Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation is sufficient for seeking accommodations for work, school, and high-stakes testing. We have confirmed with all of the major testing companies that our evaluation would be accepted.

However, it is important to note that a diagnosis does not mean that an institution will consider a person disabled under the law. We cannot guarantee that your school, employer, or other institution will be able or willing to implement the accommodations recommended in your report.

Parents of K-12 students who receive an ADHD diagnosis should request in writing that their student be evaluated for a 504 Plan and share their ADHD Evaluation results with the school. You may also choose to get additional documentation support from your child’s physician confirming their diagnosis.

Diagnosis for medication management

Some prescribers are comfortable treating ADHD based on the Computer Screening while others require the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation. You should ask your prescriber what they require in order to medically treat your ADHD.

Evaluation Steps 

Diagnostic Evaluation Steps

Step 1

E-mail heather@vanncounseling.com or call 352-316-0518 schedule a consultation call

OR use the Get Started Now button to self-schedule 

Step 2

The card on file charged the $200 deposit when the Diagnostic Clinical Interview is scheduled

All intake paperwork will be sent to you via the client portal and must be completed and reviewed in order to confirm the 90 minute telehealth Diagnostic Clinical Interview appointment you schedule

Step 3

90 minute Diagnostic Clinical Interview

Card on file charged remaining $495 one hour before the start of the appointment

Step 4

Screening tools + Standardized behavior rating scales specific to your evaluation

QbCheck – a continuous performance computer test for objective data

Step 5

30 minute telehealth feedback appointment to review evaluation outcomes and recommendations

Written diagnostic report and your QbCheck results uploaded to your client portal within 1-2 weeks of follow-up appointment

Computer Screening Only Steps

Step 1

E-mail heather@vanncounseling.com or call 352-316-0518 schedule a consultation call to get started

OR use the Get Started Now button to self-schedule

Step 2

The card on file is charged $295 when your Computer Screening is scheduled

All intake paperwork will be sent to you via the client portal and must be completed and reviewed prior to your QbCheck voucher being sent to you.

Step 3

QbCheck – a continuous performance computer test for objective data is completed by the client using their own computer or laptop

Step 4

30 minute telehealth feedback appointment to review the QbCheck outcomes

2 page Summary Report with your QbCheck results is uploaded to your client portal at conclusion of the appointment 

Getting Started

Evaluations can be booked online using the client portal.

All sessions are telehealth for clients located in FL, GA, & SC

All paperwork is sent to you electronically and must be completed within 48 hours. Once your paperwork is reviewed and approved, the appointment will be confirmed.

Fee for Service

We are not contracted with any insurance companies and all clients are self-pay. Most insurance companies do not cover testing for ADHD. 

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