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I’m third generation Floridian and life-long Gator fan. I completed my undergraduate studies in psychology and received my Master’s degree in Education with a major in Marriage and Family Counseling as well as a Specialist in Education all from the University of Florida. The majority of my clinical experience has been in a private practice setting working with families across the lifespan. In 2012, I started Vann Counseling & Consulting in Gainesville, Florida and have been a solo practitioner ever since. Since 2020, I have kept my practice 100% telehealth in order to better serve clients and their families across the Southeast.

When I’m not therapy-ing, you can find me cooking without a recipe, wishing I was at the lake, hiding away with a good book, traveling with my husband, chauffeuring – and loving- the 3 mini-Vanns, and rounding out my work week by finally clearing my desk of the cup collection that just seems to accumulate.

Focus of Practice

My practice specializes in providing clinical counseling and consulting services for diverse populations from a systemic lens. I provide Individual and Family Therapy, Evaluations for ADHD & autism, Forensic Family Law Evaluations, Co-Parenting Consulting, Consulting for other Mental Health Professionals, and Clinical Supervision for Mental Health Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy interns seeking licensure in Florida.

I focus my clinical work on helping adolescents and teens under stress and adults who have lived through difficult times as children. This means that many of my clients identify as Gen-Z, millennials, and high-achieving professionals who have experienced trauma in their families of origin and desire to seek and engage in healthier relationships with themselves and with others. In the last few years as my practice has become more specialized, a common denominator is that many of my clients are exploring their brain style and its accompanying traits. Consequently, my ideal client is someone exploring how being multiply neurodivergent is impacting their school & work performance, their mental & physical health, and their relationships.

Therapeutic Approach

Neurodiversity affirming therapy is a client-centered approach that recognizes the diversity of human experience and promotes acceptance, inclusion, and empowerment for individuals with neurological differences. As a result, my therapeutic approach is strengths-based, supportive, goal-oriented, and trauma-informed. As a systemic therapist, that means addressing diversity, gender, power, and other sociocultural dimensions is an inherent part of the work we will do together.

My own lived experience combined with over a decade of working with neurodivergent individuals and their families allows me to bring unique perspective and empathy to the therapeutic space. You might like my style if you are craving- or even open to – exploration of your inner child, befriending your body, gaining emotional intelligence, or navigating healthier relationships.


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