Clinical Supervision

Specializing in supporting registered interns seeking licensure as Marriage & Family Thearpists, Mental Health Counselors, and those seeking licensure on their private practice journey

Style of Supervision

Are you looking for an Approved Qualified Supervisor who can help you navigate through your client-contact experience AND assist you with learning the business side of running your counseling practice?

As a supervisor, I can offer you supportive guidance over the many topics involved in fulfilling your hours, while also addressing the logistics of building a successful counseling practice. I started my own solo private practice in 2012 while I was completing my registered intern hours and have been in private practice ever since. I have had the experiences of renting office space as a solo provider, owning my own building and renting to other mental health professionals, and managing a completely virtual practice since 2020.

Through our supervision, you will be able to understand the dynamic between yourself and your clients better. We will also reflect on the dynamic between you (the supervisee) and me (the supervisor), as this can bring up interesting patterns that are parallel to your relationships with clients. Supervision will be a place for exploration of your personhood, systems, and structures that impact your work and professional identity. 

Who I am as a Clinical Supervisor

While it is not my goal to create therapist clones of myself, it can be important for you to choose a clinical supervisor who has similar interest areas or areas of expertise to your own. In my clinical practice with clients, I work from a systemic perspective focusing on adolescents and adults navigating relational trauma and issues from their families of origin. While I consider myself a systemic therapist first, I have also done trainings in DBT, IFS, and Intuitive Eating modalities and draw on them as well. After spending the last decade working closely with a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, I also have a strong foundation in psychopharmacology and the ways that family therapists can navigate the medical model while providing collaborative systemic care. I believe that collaboration with other professionals is vital to systemic work. I have also leaned into evaluations for ADHD and autism as we gain more awareness of the role of neurodivergence in relationships. Additionally, I have training in conducting Social Investigations (formerly called Custody Evaluations in Florida), working in the role of court-ordered Guardian ad Litem, and have been qualified as an expert witness.

Like my therapy style, my supervision style is strengths-based, supportive, goal-oriented, and trauma-informed. As a systemic therapist, that means addressing diversity, gender, power, and other sociocultural dimensions is an inherent part of the work. I might be a good fit for you if balancing the requirements of supervision with a healthy dose of humor, self-disclosure, and quick wit feels comfortably at home. 

My ultimate goal is to help you become a therapist that I can consider a peer and a colleague who I am able to refer to with complete confidence.

Good Fit Matters

Ideal Supervisee

Just like the goodness of the fit of therapeutic relationship matters, so does the fit of the supervisor/supervisee relationship. Are you:


An intern seeking Marriage & Family, Mental Health, or dual-licensure in Florida


Interested in investing in your clinical, professional, and business development


Curious about how the current medical model of mental health and systemic training come together in the practice of psychotherapy and in the business world


Intern who has an On-site Licensed Professional or On-site Supervisor who is willing to coordinate with Heather Vann as the virtual Clinical Supervisor


Focused on completing your internship within 3-4 years


Wanting to build the future of your clinical relationships and external referral networks

What We Provide


Interactive and informational supervisory approach


Managing professional and personal boundaries


Clinical Models and therapeutic techniques


Diagnosis and Assessment from a Neurodiversity Affirming framework


Laws & Ethics


Accessibility in emergency client situations


Private Practice 101 – navigating the road to establishing your own private practice

Florida Requirements  

The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling requires Interns to complete at least 100 hours of supervision in no less than 100 weeks, 1,500 hours of face-to-face psychotherapy with clients, and one hour of supervision every two weeks.

The Board allows supervision to be conducted via electronic video conferencing (currently through 2026) although registered interns must still have a licensed mental health provider (can be someone other than their clinical supervisor) on site while providing services. 


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